Want your music to look and sound amazing?

ATD is the oldest tape and disc manufacturer in the country. We have
been producing the highest quality media Australia wide for over 32years.

If you want your music to sound amazing you need to get it mastered and
duplicated on only the highest quality discs for a premium sound.
ATD will replicate, duplicate, small and large quantities of your music
onto CD and cassette.

ATD also offer mastering services in our specialty mastering suite.
You will have your music sounding like a professional commercial release
by our very own qualified audio mastering engineer.

Not boasting… but We mastered ‘SIA’s music!

You will then need your CD to look like your the next best thing by our professional qualified graphic designers. Who will design you or your band a logo, CD packaging and various promotional material at a very resonable price.
ATD also produces branded USBs with your music for promotion

Other services include:
– Ripping of CDs to MP3 and other formats for your ipod or device
(saves you re-buying everything again as a download)
– Audio & VHS cassette transfers to CD & DVD (fi you have your music on cassette)

ATD is the ONLY company in Australia to use a UV Gloss coating on your disc which makes it completely waterproof to protect it from fingerprints and damage.

Home of the Best Price Guarantee, you won’t find a better quality product elsewhere. ATD is proudly Australian owned and operated and does not replicate overseas.

Not only does ATD begin with the highest quality disc we give you a sample or proof of your product before we proceed.

Then ATD won’t just copy your disc, they will also check it a second time to make sure it is exactly the same as the master you supplied which is essential for musicians.

The last thing you want is a click or pop right in the middle of a song!

We are conveniently located at 3-7 hurtle square in the Adelaide City with ample parking out the front.
We have numerous packages available designed specifically for musicians and their limited budgets

CALL ATD NOW ON 08 82326444

3-7 Hurtle Square, Adelaide South Australia 5000

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