HSF Artist Services

Country Music & Adult Contemporary Specialist. Project Management, Artist Mentoring, Radio/TV Airplay Plugging, Publicity

Australian Country Music artists can now complete their professional ‘team’ with the newly announced formation of HSF ARTIST SERVICES, a multi-offering business led by EMI MUSIC’s former Head of Country Music and Catalogue, Tom Inglis.

HSF Artist Services provides a number of traditional record label offerings for country music artists in Australia. From mentoring to project management, marketing, radio servicing/plugging and publicity right through to manufacturing and international digital distribution. Inglis and HSF Artist Services can provide everything that a music label does without the boundaries to help build artist brands and music.
Inglis says it’s time for artists to grab control of their music. More artists than ever are choosing to go without a record label. Record labels are also signing less acts than in the past, both of these are leaving a gap in artist’s progression with several invaluable profile and branding inclusions being dropped by many independent artists.

Today’s savvy artists understand the considerable earning opportunity when you empower a strong brand with a direct to fan sales attitude. HSF Artist Services helps the artist get the brand and products (both recorded and live) right. We follow this with strong through the line marketing and promotion allowing the artists to engage with country music fans at multiple points. This will enable a unified approach where consistent messaging across multiple media creates a fan perception. Bookend this with digital retail distribution and physical distribution via artist sites and you have the new music model for our country music stars of tomorrow.

Tom Inglis started his career in music straight out of high school, beginning his first job with Festival Records at the age of 16. Gaining a wealth of knowledge as he moved through various roles it was at EMI Music that his passion for real songs about real people saw him work with local artists such as Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Kasey Chambers, Keith Urban, Paul Kelly, Lou Bradley, Felicity Urquhart, Anne Kirkpatrick and Troy Cassar-Daley. Also working the Capitol Nashville label, Tom worked on records by Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Trace Adkins and kick started EMI Australia enthusiasm on Lady Antebellum.

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