Karisma Recording Studios

PHONE: (08) 8342 9001


The studio provides an elegant and comfortable environment that it was acoustically treated by internationally acclaimed engineer Chris Morton to create a premium recording space, especially for acoustic instruments (such as drums and piano). Aside from the facility’s stellar acoustics, the studio also features first-class monitoring (Emes Violett Active Monitors), a diverse range of high-end microphones (incl. Neumann U89 and AKG C414 XL II), quality preamps (incl. Chandler LTD-1, Amek 9098 (Rupert Neve desgined), AEA TRP 500, SSL Alpha VHD and Avalon VT-737SP) and processors (such as UA 2-1176), a specialty in recording drums, a rich Yamaha G2E Grand Piano and extremely affordable rates. A team of talented engineers and producers are available to assist with all kinds of creative projects, especially original music. These distinctive features combine to make Karisma the ideal environment for inspiration, creativity, fruitful work flow and quality audio production.


Pre-Production, Audio Tracking, Audio Mixing, Audio Editing, Post Production, Voiceovers. Whether it’s for a voiceover, pre-production demo, soundtrack, EP or a comprehensive full length album, please contact us as we’d love to assist.


The studio is a beautifully-appointed, self-contained sonic environment located in Collinswood, a 10 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD. It features a control room that is acoustically treated to produce an accurate representation of any audio signal and has a large viewing window through to the main live room. The control room is truly a first-class listening environment and exceptional sonic workspace. The main live room has been acoustically treated to international audio specifications providing the ultimate space to record any musical instrument or voice. The studio also has two specially designed isolation booths for guitar cabinets. Furthermore, the studio is equipped with a lounge area, kitchen & toilet facilities and a swimming pool for anyone who’s keen for a quick dip in between takes or at the end of a fruitful day.


Karisma Recording Studio was designed by songwriter and studio founder Ian Coats in 2008, in collaboration with renowned acoustic engineer, Chris Morton, and ëwiredí by highly regarded audio technician Rob Squire. As a Psychologist, Ian originally decided to build the studio so that he could record his back catalogue of original songs (he had been a long-term songwriter and previously a professional musician in America). He also hoped to establish a creative musical environment for other musicians and songwriters. Karisma (meaning gift or talent) has gradually evolved into a working commercial studio where a range of engineers and producers combine with talented musicians and songwriters in a variety of creative projects.

19 Edwin Ave, Collinswood, SA 5081