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Mic Nix Productions offers cost effective, world class music and audio production services for the discerning artist.

A modern, professional service that is accessible to artists across all genres: from weekend warriors to professionals.  Our core values encompass passion, honesty and authenticity. We firmly believe in client satisfaction, ensuring all artists using our audio production services are sounding their best.

Let us assist you in achieving your goals for your musical project today.

At Mic Nix Productions, the fostering, guidance and mentoring of both emerging and established artists is a great passion.  Our Producer and Audio Engineer Michael commenced his musical journey over 20 years ago as a guitarist.  Starting his first three piece band in the post-grunge Adelaide music scene, he proceeded to play many live gigs over the subsequent years.  Various musical ventures have allowed Michael to support iconic Australian bands such as Mental As Anything, perform live on national radio, as well as record in various music studios and musical styles.  Michael identified his passion for recording, mixing and producing music very early on in his career. It is this passion that still drives him to create and mix music today.

Michael has a deep understanding of what can be described as the sometimes complex and unexpected paths one may cross in search of their next musical destination; the core being the music itself.  The convenience of modern technology allows Mic Nix Productions to offer services to artists locally, nationally and globally allows  Michael to bring to you his experience working in all genres ranging from alternative, indie, blues, jazz, rock, pop and electronic. No matter where it is in the world you are from.

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