Mixmasters has been Adelaide’s premier studio for decades, it has been the home to many of Australia’s great artists, both local, national and overseas.

It is an ‘all music’ studio, offering all formats, based around a very much analogue sonic landscape (we still record to 2″ tape, if preferred).

Accommodation is available, and a host of vintage instruments, from 1939 Hammond / Leslie, 9′ Yamaha CF 1982 Grand Piano, and pretty much anything you can think of, its probably lurking there somewhere.

Mixmasters would have arguably one of the finest vintage and contempory microphone collections in Australia. Its one of the last “great” studios in Australia with a history as long as Anzac Highway. A true musical Zanadu.

Best contact for more details, and just how affordable it can be to make records, like they should be. Recording at home or in a “project” studio..? We can hire you great mic’s and outboard. Then come and mix your wave files on the SSL, and make use of an inspiring analogue host of outboard, and have your mixes mastered on one of the finest analogue Mastering chains in the land. Its all here ….

Mick Wordley

Engineer, Producer

21 Darwin Ave Hawthorndene, SA 5051

PH (08) 8278 8506

0428 857 167