Sam Lench | Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Sam Lench | Recording, Mixing & Mastering

I’ve been mixing and recording music for nearly 20 years in the UK and have recently moved to Adelaide. I can record, mix and/or master your songs to a professional standard. My mixing studio in Adelaide has been acoustically designed for a ruler-flat monitoring environment so you can have confidence that your song will translate everywhere. I use a hybrid digital/analogue approach utilising old and new technology, including a reel-to-reel tape recorder, analogue mixing desk, outboard processing equipment and the very latest industry standard audio plugins.

If you’re based in the Adelaide area I could record your music in one of our fantastic local studios. I also have a vast range of my own microphones and recording equipment that I use for location or live concert recording.

I enjoy working with artists to create unique, hyper-realistic soundworlds that have their own distinctive aural signature. I want all the music I work on to have a warm, enveloping and inviting character that rewards repeat listening.

As a multi-instrumentalist session musician and composer I have a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of both performing and creating music. As a client, you’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the process to develop a high quality final product we can both be proud of.

Head on over to my website to find out more about me, my process and to hear some examples of records I’ve worked on. I’m always happy to hear from fellow music enthusiasts so please get in touch and we can get the conversation started, or better yet, if you’re in Adelaide I’m always happy to meet for a coffee and a chat in person.

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