South Australian Guitar Academy


At South Australian Guitar Academy we specialise in Beginner/Intermediate guitar lessons for all ages (4yrs – Adults). We use the G4 Guitar Method, which is a structured method of learning based around the 7 Essential Skills to become confident at playing the guitar. These skills include Picking, Chords and Reading Music.
We have our 5 Junior and 5 Senior levels that we work though, and each level has a checklist. Once you tick everything off on the checklist you’ll progress to the next level. This helps you develop all the skills of playing the guitar at the same time, rather than becoming confident at one area of the guitar, and not as confident in another area of the guitar.

The G4 Guitar Method is aimed at giving you the skills so you can learn your favourite songs.

We have 2 studios in Adelaide, Mawson Lakes and Norwood/Magill

Visit our Website for more details or call us on 0434-994-399

We look forward to guiding you along your guitar journey

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