Your AWARD WINNING “one-stop music shop”. If you need help in the music business, come to the best!

Stormfront’s ELITE professional expertise in ALL aspects of the Music Business (on and off-stage) means we will always offer the RIGHT ADVICE the first time for:


* Event Management, Production & Consultancy (We’ll create anything of any scale, we’ll run it, we’ll advise on it)

* Sound and Lighting Production (We’ll stage it, engineer it, light it)

* Graphic Art & Web Design (EVERYTHING from taking the photos to publishing anywhere & anyhow)

* Audio & Video Recording via our in-house studios (Anything from walk-in demo’s to commercial release)

* Workshops, Masterclasses and Music Tuition (We’ll stage it, we’ll teach it, especially for you)

* MC services for all events and ceremonies

* Voiceovers and Broadcast Adverts (We’ll write & record it entirely in-house, or with the content you desire)

* Adjudication for Talent Quests & Eisteddfods (We’ll create it, run it, stage it, judge it & advise on it)

* Specialty Repertoire (such as the National Anthem) for your function

* Music Industry & Media planning and mentorship (Our proven knowledge tailored for your use – and dedication beyond belief)

* Consultants and providers of online sales and distribution

* Registered “Test & Tag” electrical service ……and SO MUCH MORE!



Home of the WHYALLA RECORDING SCHOLARSHIP #ExpandingHorizons



Fully sponsoring and supporting young regional artists to record and release their debut single!


* Mark Tempany –
* Alison Hams –

* BREEZE Millard –

* Shakira Lea –

* Jaylee Daniels –


Stageshow Co-ordinators and EVENT MANAGEMENT for:

  • Whyalla’s LIONS GFG Alliance “Carols In The Park” –
  • Jelly Baby Song –
  • Whyalla’s Annual “JAMM FOR GENES”

…and much more!