Dream Theater

The Dream Theater is close to all Adelaide’s live music venues such as The Entertainment Centre, Thebarton theatre, Festival Theatre, HQ, The Gov and Fowlers Live, So any touring band in need of a quick jam session can travel 5 mins from any venue to jam. Steely Dan did exactly that while touring Australia
Ross, being in the building game and also a passionate drummer renovated this run down villa to accommodate bands by giving all walls, ceilings and doors an acoustic treatment which gives every room that live on stage sound and does not interfere with any other band using The Dream Theater at the same time, so there would be 4 bands rehearsing and you would hear your band only.

The Dream Theater accommodates to bands firstly but mainly drummers who are sick of lugging their kit in & out of rehearsal venues and being the first person in to set up and the last one to pack up. Now drummers bring only their snare drum, cymbals and sticks put them on and sit around and wait for the rest of the band to be ready to jam. If a drummer wants to bring in their kit you are welcome to or else see if the guitarist can set up quicker than you!

All 4 rooms are Air conditioned, clean and secure being fully automated so you have no need to worry about outsiders disturbing you. This maybe very useful for students during school holidays that may have “nothing” to do as The Dream Theater can also accommodate rooms with all equipment supplied, so it’s just walk in with just sticks and picks.

The Dream Theater is the ultimate rehearsal venue No smelly, dark dingy rooms -just good clean fun while you make music

for Bookings or more information please
call 0416 2112 22

124  Frederick Street Welland SA 5007