Want to Attract More Music Students?
Offer Them a Wider Choice of Instruments!

Students are busy people.
More so than they ever used to be.
When you were at school, many of the pastimes that now occupy so much of students’ lives hadn’t been invented. Although there have always been, and always will be, obsessions with hair staighteners and football teams, kids are now able to access a vast array of additional interesting activites, each one of which will take up a big chunk of their valuable time.

So they need to be very selective about how and with whom they spend their out-of-school hours. Learning to play a musical instrument must compete with sport, drama, dancing lessons, visting grandparents and hanging out with friends.And if the prospect of practising is less appealing or available to the kids you would like to teach than the pastimes above, don’t forget
to also consider their homework, chores, Minecraft, TV and the Internet in general.
And after they’ve done all that, let’s hope that they’re not too tired to practise.

In an ideal world, students wouldn’t be attracted to music by the bright, shiny objects on which music is performed. However, which experience would you prefer –

A. directing a band full of excited, highly enthusiastic kids who are loving their learning with attractive instruments, or,
B. constantly struggling to put a group together, due to lack of interest amongst your target pupils?

If you find yourself in situation B, your next step may soon be to argue with some bureaucrat who wants to cut your school’s music budget due to low enrolments.

The joy of playing a beautiful, shiny, silver-plated flute can be substantial. Even more intense can be the joy of playing on a radiant pink flute, green clarinet,or blue saxophone.
Your students will be delighted with the opportunity to learn to play on an instrument that not only sounds good – it looks good as well. However, if you prefer instruments in traditional colors, you can specify a Yamaha or equivalent brand.

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