Black Bull Hotel

Black Bull Hotel – Adelaide’s First Permanent Hotel Est 1838
The site of this hotel dates from the earliest days of the colony when the first permanent hotel, the Buffalo’s head , was constructed in 1838. It had first operated from a tent in Buffalo Row, a makeshift community near the River Torrens in the west Park Lands and named by the first owner James Chittleborough (Snr) who came to South Australia aboard the Buffalo in 1836. The hotel was renamed The Black Bull in 1841. The licensee at the time erected the following sign:

‘The bull is tame, so fear him not, so long as you can pay your shot. When the money’s gone & credit bad, that’s what makes the bull go mad!’
c . 1850 James Chittleborough
We are open 7 days for lunch and dinner and cater for all ages. Nigh Club Friday / Saturday nights from 9pm.

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