Tucked away behind the Town Hall is a charming little venue that plays host to The Garage International’s series of Fringe shows.

Top of our list is “Oriental Flair”, performed by The School of Chinese Music, and led by outstanding eastern harp player, Zhao Liang. ‘Zhao’ rhymes with ‘WOW’, and when you see her play, you’ll get that connection instantly.

She in fact established the School over 10 years ago, and has visited more than 200 schools in Adelaide, fascilitating workshops and performances. She was also twice awarded a Professional Development grant from Arts South Australia, enabling her to attend masterclasses and perform in China, Beijing.

In this Fringe show, Zhao performs with students as a trio, and also an 8 piece band incorporating a string quartet and 4 guzhengs (eastern harps)! Truly an east meets west experience, contemporary & traditional mash up with beautiful results.

See for yourself in some live rehearsal footage:

This Saturday is your last chance to see the performance, so get some flair in your Fringe!


“An Oriental Flair – eastern harps meet western strings”
Sat 5 March @ 6pm
The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

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