Music SA, in conjunction with APRA AMCOS is very proud to announce the second of its annual and free workshops ‘Getting Signed’: The Role of the Record Label in 2018.

Held at Chateau Apollo on the 4th of July; featuring Heath Bradby (Warner Music Australia & Fidelity Corp), Bree Wilkinson (Inertia Music), Ben Martin (Golden Era Records), Joel Byrne (Wolf & Cub, Sundial Productions & Music SA) and Hamish Gibson-Smith (Swirl Records) as panelists, along with Becc Bates (Arts SA) as facilitator, the ideals and realities of the modern record industry will be fleshed out and scrutinized by some of Australia’s most experienced music industry professionals.

Becc Bates – Manager (Arts SA/Music Development Office)

Heath Bradby – Head of A&R/Artist Manager (Warner Music/Fidelity Corp)

Bree Wilkinson – Publicist/Label Manager (Inertia Music/Break Even Records)

Ben Martin – Label Manager (Golden Era Records)

Joel Byrne – Touring Artist/Co-Director/Industry Development Coordinator (Wolf & Cub/Sundial Productions/Music SA)

The dream of every budding musician is to ‘make it’; play in front of thousands of adoring fans in every city, have your songs played on the radio and play the world’s top festivals. Sure, but how does an artist get there from relative obscurity? In comes the record label, whether it be major label big dogs or DIY indie labels, the record label is the traditional link between artist and fan, but with the rise of the internet and streaming services like Spotify, are they required in 2018? What is the role of the record label in the modern era?

In this workshop, the realities of the role of record labels will be laid out for discussion from the perspective of signed and unsigned artists, major labels and independent labels, along with the variety of industry professionals involved in making a label and/or signed artists successful, profitable and if not financially profitable, worthwhile in the long term.

FREE NIBBLES provided by Roxie’s

Doors open at 5:30pm

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