stay in

Grunge, alternative, hardcore, indie, rock. Whatever you want to call it, Horror My Friend are doing it right. The trio appear to be the go-to poster band which Adelaide music lovers reach for when bragging about our best acts – and for good reason, too. I mean, they score national airplay for just about every single they release, they’ve opened for countless national and international bands such as The Cribs and British India, and It’s doubtful not to see a ‘Horror My Friend’ t-shirt when attending a local gig.

The act have just released ‘Stay In’, which is less of a song and more of a sonic frenzy that gives your ears a serious package of enjoyment, right from 0:00 through to 3:38. From the ‘Do Nothing Club’ chants in the chorus, to the verses that distinctly feel so much like a teenage boy theme song, the whole track gives off killer vibes all around. While the lyrics are simple, the addictive instrumental and guitar-work washes over any doubt that this is a mediocre release.