Today we recognise International Day of People with Disability, which is a United Nations observed day aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding and celebration of people with disability.

Here at Music SA we would like to acknowledge this day by celebrating artists living with disability in a wonderfully diverse playlist, available here! Please have a listen and take a moment to appreciate our amazingly talented local and national artists!

Lack of accessibility in live music environments is something people living with a disability have dealt with for a long time. Accessibility in itself is a very broad term; there are so many different considerations on how to become more accessible as an event or venue, how to communicate your accessibility levels accurately, or even just how to be a good ally!

To try and help, we’ve put together a small list of resources below for venues, event planners, artists, and gig attendees. These resources include an Australian accessible arts directory, guides for venues and event promoters to help create more accessible environments and resources for artists living with disability.

We’ve also added some tips and information that we’ve come across for venues and event promoters in creating a more inclusive and accessible friendly environment!

  • Having access and inclusion riders
  • Listing accessibility features on your website – Try be specific! Accessibility means something different to each person. Even small steps, such as including information about wheelchair accessibility in specific areas (such as in audience common areas, entrances/exits, bathrooms and stage access), hearing loop access and staff with ASL abilities can make a big difference
  • Having livestream options, even post COVID-19 restrictions
  • Creating dedicated sensory areas and quiet zones
  • Including companion ticketing
  • Research, listen and seek feedback from people living with a disability where possible!

Australian accessible arts directory –

DIY access guide –

Melbourne Fringe producers guide to access –

Arts Access Australia resources –