Wisely avoiding Mad March, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival is held every June in Adelaide and is considered the most comprehensive cabaret festival in the world.

With Barry Humphries at the helm for 2015 (10-25 June), the program has all the usual magic and mayhem plus a few more surprises up its sleeve… Far too many shows to list here – trust that there’s something for everyone, and explore the official site.

However, we would like to shout out to some local musicians who have taken to the cabaret stage after cutting their teeth amongst the more traditional venues in the Adelaide scene. Don’t miss Carla Lippis in the 27 Club along with some of Australia’s other top vocalists, showcasing hits by those who notoriously failed to make it pass their late 20s (think Morrison, Jopin, Winehouse). You may struggle to get a ticket to Finding Edith, an homage to Edith Piaf by Michaela Burger – such is the popularity of the show. Big voices, big talent, big stages. Don’t miss.