gentle warrior


Eight piece band, Local Revolution, perform a style of music that boasts an impressive mix of Afro-Latin and Indian styles which are merged together over a jazz foundation. After two EP’s and four successful national tours, 2015 brings their first LP album, Gentle Warrior.  Bursting through in a rhythmic frenzy that inspires a level of energetic dancing worthy of a WOMADelaide performance comes the title track, ‘Gentle Warrior.’ Its contagious Afrobeat grooves emanate a feeling of partying in the name of positivity. Across the albums twelve tracks there are almost no weak points, as each song highlights a new musical mastery. ‘Wasi Wayo’ is the perfect example of this in its beautifully calming nature and catchy harmonised chorus.From the joyful ecstasy of the African Savannah and the earthy roots of Kingston, to the shaking bounce of New Orleans, Gentle Warrior is cleverly varied and continually high in production and performance quality. The lyrical content is just as thoughtful. Its messages of solidarity and peace are all the more contagious with their reggae funk backbone.

Local Revolution acknowledge influence from the likes of Fela Kuti, Santana, Bob Marley and Rage Against Machine. Each of these styles are clearly represented here with great energy and in fine detail.