hint of light


One of the great things about being a reviewer is discovering new talent, and when I listened to this EP, I was in for quite the pleasant surprise.

Move over John Butler Trio, Louis Donnarumma is here!

Louis is a solo artist specialising in the Folk, and wow…just wow! This guy has a gift when it comes to the creation of music. His style is delicate, unique and full of emotion.

This five track EP opens with the song “Broken Strings”, a track that is not only well put together, recorded and produced, but the melody and lyrics are simply captivating. This is a simple one to listen to, with a small array of instruments, and yet the way it has been constructed, together with the flow of the arrangements, keeps you enthralled. It’s soothing on the ears.

The other thing I enjoyed is the way Louis can change his delivery style in this genre. “Broken Strings” was a relaxing, feel good track whereas “Guilt” is more upbeat and has a great hook to it. Louis also has a very distinctive voice that fits the songs and style of music perfectly.

If you want to hear a natural musician who makes music from the soul, you need to hear this EP.

Well done Louis. 5 Stars.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 12 February 2015