fear the night ft. jesse davidson

As soon as this track kicks in, you can instantly identify the trademark production style of Luke Million. His sound reminds me of the awesome 80s and early 90s, the time where people really started to experiment strongly with electronic instruments in-between watching He-man on TV. Luke is a Synth legend with an extensive collection in his own studio. His skillful use of different synthesizers is impressive and the way he constructs his tracks is unique, as he just knows what sounds will work.

Adding local artist Jesse Davidson to the mix proved to be a fantastic idea. This track combines his indie vocal style to Luke’s electronic sound, where the result is something that you just have to hear to fully appreciate.

The music is smooth, filling, and just makes you feel good. I have not heard collaborations like this before, and I believe this is venturing into an area of music that has not yet been explored yet. These guys are onto something, and I will be watching them closely. I recommend you do the same.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 16 July 2015