growing pains



It’s so lovely to listen to musicians who are talented in the purest form. Nothing is more of a delight to the ears than a song that flows perfectly well from start to finish. Lucky for us, Mackenzie’s Growing Pains is plentiful of these types of tracks.

The band are a piano driven indie rock quartet that sounds quite like 500 Days Of Summer meeting a weird blend of Chet Faker and Adele (in the most beautiful fashion, of course). It’s a little big jazzy, a little bit indie, and a whole lot of fun. There are a lot of things going on, such as horns, impeccable drums, and fantastic guitar work.

Frontwoman Emily Bettison leads the release with her marvelous vocals, singing of heartfelt anecdotes and one-liners so intimate, you very well may feel as though you’re having a deep and meaningful conversation through your speakers. If Bettison’s aim was to channel the inner empathy inside the listener, she’s done her job very well.

This little taste of Mackenzie is hugely promising for their future, and I’d recommend you keep your eyes out for the band and their fantastic follow up performances and releases.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 9 July 2015