Following on from their Next Up (for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists) and Creative Cohesion (for culturally diverse artists) development programs, Interplay is open to artists from both CALD and ATSI backgrounds. The program aims to provide dedicated space for artists to develop, share and connect, bringing contemporary musicians of these backgrounds together in the spirit of intercultural communication, exploration and creation.

The Interplay development program will provide individualised and group-based support and development opportunities, as well as a paid performance showcase for each artist.

Throughout 2020, program artists will take part in:

  • Workshops on music business

  • One on one career development sessions with Nexus staff

  • A performance series at Nexus Arts

  • A dedicated photoshoot Development of your Electronic Press Kit

  • Artist catch up sessions

The program is delivered at no cost to the artists, but they will need to invest some time and energy into the listed activities. We always try to be adaptive and responsive to individual artists needs.

Click here to learn more about the program and application process.

We very much encourage people to give us a call to chat through any questions they might have about the program or the application process. If language is a barrier, meeting in person with a translation is also an option.