Relying On Luck are a young Punk Rock trio who have have supported the likes of British India and Bad//Dreems in their recent history around the traps. The two and a half minutes of madness known as ‘Jawbreaker’ bursts through as the second single from their upcoming EP.

Building up to what is (by punk standards) a somewhat varied dynamic, the intro features a relentless bass line, complete with maximum fuzz. This is soon followed by screaming vocals and a DIY aesthetic that gives it a suitably raw flavour. You can almost see the waves of anarchist behaviour within the crowd that would accompany the ebbs and flows of this tune at a show.

This track is by no means for the light-hearted, its both lyrically and musically brutal. There’s nothing overly unusual to be found here, but there’s no mistaking their pure energy.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 21 May 2015