Troubling news for the local airwaves, as the future of Radio Adelaide faces uncertainty.

After 43 years on the scene, the first educational community radio station in Australia may have to shut up shop, as the University of Adelaide considers its options.

A year ago, the multi-award winning community radio station’s home on North Terrace was sold by the Uni to help fund the new Med School, but there is still no word on where – or if – Radio Adelaide will be re-located. Demolition is looming, and the station fears that the delays may indicate “a precursor to shutting the station down.”

The station broadcasts 24/7 across metropolitan Adelaide and SA regional areas on 101.5FM and Digital Radio, plus provides streaming access, podcasts and on demand content via their website at There’s something for everyone, with a wide range of news, current affairs, social issues, arts and music.

Radio Adelaide is keen to continue and move towards a future as an independent entity, and it needs your help in providing feedback to the University during the station’s review.

You can show your support for Radio Adelaide and its importance to the community by reading the consultation documents, submitting your views and signing their petition: