Photographer: Nick Astanei


On Friday 4 August, MusicSA’s Scouted 2023 showcase saw 12 of SA’s  promising emerging acts perform across three iconic West End live music venues: The Lab, Jive and Nexus Arts.

Chloe Veronica, Emerauld, INFINITIES, Molly Rocket, Mum Thinks Blue, Purée, Stormy-Lou, Sunsick Daisy, Tonix, The Tullamarines, TUSHAR & Twine. 

The energy was electric.


Dedicated local music lovers, AIR Indie-Con Australia conference delegates, loyal fans and passionate local industry members gathered to bear witness to SA’s phenomenal up-and-coming talent.

Though Scouted provided an important opportunity for the selected artists to attend Indie-Con and network with key national industry members, it also provided the vital opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge talents in-front of them too.

The evening consisted of goosebump-inducing sets, packed dance floors, hyped up group power-walks between venues, and so many audible ‘oh my god’s.

From thrashing guitar with assertive feedback to jazzy sax and electronica keys, Scouted 2023 had us all feeling sheer pride and that thump-in-your-heart that truly good live music brings.


The team at MusicSA would like to extend a huge and well-earned congratulations to the artists. Thank you for putting on a showcase that will not be forgotten, for all your hard work, and your enthusiasm.

MusicSA would also like to shoutout and thank our Scouted 2023 venues: The Lab, Jive and Nexus Arts. Thank you for bringing that local hospitality to a whole ‘nother level, and giving our artists such incredible stages and sound to work with.

Scouted 2023 would not be possible without the support of the South Australian Government’s Music Development Office & the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR).

Scouted coincides annually with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association’s Indie-Con Australia conference, held here on Kaurna Land, Adelaide, Australia’s UNESCO designated City of Music. This year Indie-Con was held at The Mercury, August 2-4.

Thank you to our partner SAE Creative Media Institute!

A massive thank you also to all the audience members for your continued support of local music, and for making the showcase such a success.


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Bring on Scouted 2024!