call for my heart



SKIES were born incredible, I swear. Since the three piece threw themselves head-first into Adelaide’s music scene, they’ve opened for SAFIA, George Maple, and so many more amazing electronic acts.

They’ve since released “Call For My Heart”, their first single off of their four-track debut EP, and it is marvelous. The electric drums and soulful instrumentation do well to provide a solid foundation for SKIES to create some really addictively poppy vibes. A huge standout for this track is that you could listen to it as many times as you like, and it doesn’t really get boring.

If “Call For My Heart” is anything to go by, I’d recommend keeping a very close eye on these guys. The trio have fistfuls of talent, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 25 June 2015