cold shadow


Sunny Sizer appears to be a very honest musician – seriously, go read her comprehensive biography on her website and you’ll be sure to agree. Much like her tell-all musical journey, her music highlights her transparent musical nature through easy-to-read lyrics and instrumentation that deliberately takes significant influence from commercial female pop-rock artists.

Once you really divorce yourself from the idea that maybe music doesn’t really have to be progressive or cover new ground, therefore accepting that Sizer’s release Cold Shadow and its Jazon Mraz meets the Frozen soundtrack isn’t doing any real musical crimes, the album becomes quite enjoyable.

The piano and accompanying instrumentation is swell and complements Sizer’s blissful vocals wonderfully, and some songs (such as ‘Over And Over’) are actually pretty catchy.

Popping this into your car’s CD player for a road trip may be a catalyst for some mild death glares from your indie-loving friends, but there’s no doubt that, when they subdue to the melodies, they’ll be humming along.

Sunny Sizer is an incredibly ‘inside-the-box’ artist, which is okay, because sometimes we need musicians to create that style of music. After all, paying homage to pop through re-inventing the wheel with more pop isn’t exactly a crime – in fact, it can do good to keep that very accessible sound alive.