Taking place at The Hotel Metro, Adelaide protectors of the Kosmische Frontier THANES are launching the music video for their new song Strange Harmony. Your body is not ready for this track, with its thundering Italo-disco rhythms, fat vocoder madness and bass riffs that’ll make Peter Hook run for cover.

Futuresounds Adelaide is incredibly excited to present you a night of Adelaide’s best live, local electronica, with a jam packed five band lineup from across the genre spectrum.

$5 entry

THANES: A kraut-soundtrack-italo-disco-ambient explosion. Aggressive drum machines, dynamic vocals, rollicking Bass VI riffs and more synths than you can shake a balled fist at.

Nakatomi: Indietronic pop from an alternate future 1980s. Hard hitting beats, anthemic choruses and a stage presence that should be classed as a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Blood Plastic: Thundering alt-techno that sounds Straight Outta Berlin by way of Detroit. Monumental kicks, hypnotic rhythms and disquieting spoken word vocals that would make Blixa proud.

Only Objects: Dark-glam-synth-pop quartet with a full live rhythm section, keytar, glitter and pop songs complemented by contemporary dance influences. Dubstep drops and heart stops.

Tomway Army: Duo offshoot from Subtract S that sounds like Joy Division assaulting a drum machine. Catchy beats, impassioned wails and a committed post-punk aesthetic.