self titled


Now my friends this is do it yourself at it’s finest, no messing about with fancy packaging just a brown paper cardboard sleeve with hand written black sharpie writing…most things that come in brown paper bags appeal so let’s see how this goes…

Opening with Best Day of the Year the reverb-drenched home made feel with psychedelic overtones gives an early Brian Jonestown Massacre vibe…super cool, otherworldly and relaxing. Lovely organ playing yes sir, there’s nothing quite like a good organ player.

This sets the tone for the rest of the album very well. Track two I’m Trying Hard Not to Hate You has some super jangly guitar from the get go, repetitive simple lyrics work so well in the overall picture of this tune. It’s a beautifully poppy number that is still stuck in my head.

I’m normally not your blow-by-blow reviewer when it comes to songs but the four tracks on this EP are so strong that I’m going to have to break the normal programming for this one.  Track three’s I Live My Life That Way is a slightly darker and saucy little number. Similar production values again but enough variety to keep the listener well and truly sucked in, great instrumental work towards the end of the track too.

Finishing up is These Times a great closer that bookends the EP nicely. This is a great release and worth picking up at a Clangers gig near you. Will sit nicely in the psychedelic pop section of anyone’s playlist along side Sgt. Peppers and Tepid Peppermint Wonderland (I’m sure you kind folk can come up with some more obscure references but hey I’m just a country guy!). Great release and bonus points for the DIY aesthetic!


Also printed in Bside Magazine 23 April 2015