light place

The arrival of Light Place by The Good Questions put a smile on my dial. I’ve long enjoyed Marta Bayly’s vocals and guitar work from her other project, Andy & Marta, and have also enjoyed Simon Frank at the various live shows I’ve seen around the traps.

Light Place didn’t disappoint. Starting off with the happy and poppy “Springtime In My Mind” Mr Frank is in fine voice with his smooth but slightly gravely vocals stepping up to the plate straight away. There are hints of Marta’s delightful harmonies at the edges but it’s track two “Frozen in Time” where she steps up to the mic proper, and what a treat it is. Beautifully picked out guitar and spartan accompaniment showcases the beautiful song writing and vocals.

The standout track for me is “Hummingbird Heart”. I did have some prior knowledge of this song from hearing Simon perform it live and solo from memory. I remember liking the song the first time I heard it but in this format it’s even better and a very well worn song.

It is almost impossible to fault this recording. Impeccable song writing from both Marta and Simon, brilliant accompaniment throughout – at no point does it feel that the songs have too much or too little going on…it’s just right.

Awesome work, folks!


Also printed in Bside Magazine 26 March 2015