The World’s Smallest Stage is coming in October 2020!

Some of our best South Australian dancers, choreographers and musicians have been collaborating during isolation to create a ‘social distancing inspired’ series of dance performances that will be presented in a tiny space of just 2m x 2m. These incredibly talented local creatives are from the team at Restless Dance Theatre & Kurruru Arts And Culture Hub. 

The creative teams are working with 10 composers & musicians selected in partnership with the Australian Dance Theatre, including Dan Rankin (A.B. Original), Michael Ross (Electric Fields) and Kiah Gossner.

Pictured above: Michael Ross (Electric Fields)

Rehearsals began mid May and each team was given three weeks to create a music and dance piece in a 2m x 2m space. As the project began when everyone was in isolation, all participants had to communicate through a computer screen which, as we all know, would have been very challenging. Despite these challenges the incredible work of these creatives has definitely shone through and come together beautifully.

“Like many artists, we immediately turned our attention toward identifying opportunities that were made possible in the digital and online space. It’s been a huge learning curve for everyone involved and we now look forward to performing these works for our audiences live in The Odeon later this year,” said Garry Stewart, Artistic Director, ADT.

The dance pieces begun live streaming online last week and will be presented on a stage of the same 2m x 2m size at Norwood’s Odeon Theatre in October.

Check out the teaser trailer for The World’s Smallest Stage here>