There is no doubt that Thomas Capogreco‘s Dreamers EP stretches the boundaries of what some would consider to be music. Whether or not you can find any aesthetic pleasure or purpose in the 5 tracks, each coming in at exactly 6 minutes and 33 seconds, the way in which they are created is an interesting process in itself.The experimental drones and embellishments that are found here can be created by various means. They are often created by experimenting with electronic circuitry and then further manipulated with computer programming, as I would imagine has been done here.

If not interesting enough on its own, the ethereal environment this EP could establish alongside a film or computer game would be quite immense. The dynamic builds, harsh flickers of noise and delicate tonal movements sternly articulate a certain mood. I got the full experience by listening on headphones as many of the subtle nuances and changes in timbre are emphasised by track panning.

While perhaps in an unusual context, I think Capogreco has achieved here what most original musicians seek out to do, he has created truly unique and arguably captivating sounds. As a whole the EP is varied, but cohesive. There are elements that are almost metaphorical or imitative of real world sounds and I was compelled to go back for multiple listens to take in the full experience.

Probably best saved for a quiet, contemplative night in, there is definitely something worth exploring here given the right frame of mind.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 7 May 2015