Our hearts are aching.  It’s a strange and unprecedented time.

Overnight our beloved music industry has been decimated.  According to Music SA’s Live Music Census, which we have undertaken for the last 5 years, South Australians should be enjoying approximately 10,000 venue based gigs over the next 6 months. But due to COVID-19 it’s a very different picture. We set up the website on Saturday 14th March and since that time Australians have recorded a loss of $316 million in income across 280,000 events cancellations. Staggering!

Musicians are proving themselves to be inventive, resilient and creative and many are making the most of this time by live streaming, song writing, recording, making videos, registering with APRA AMCOS, getting the books in order, writing grants and taking up free online professional development.

Fortunately, because of the quick and comprehensive response by governments and the #stayathome approach by our community, South Australia is well placed to deal with the virus. In my experience the level of cooperation and collaboration has gone through the roof, and yes the Premier held a 45 minute meeting with the music industry yesterday to explain what positive steps and relief measures he is putting in place.

Of course, the measures taken and the financial relief offered brings with it a level of frustration and distress.  At Music SA we want to try to minimise this for you as much as possible. I want to reassure you that although we too have had to cancel paid performance opportunities for musicians and free professional development gatherings, we have redirected our efforts to help you during the COVID-19 era.  As a not-for-profit business we are right alongside you in terms of lost income and major readjustments, and through it all we remain committed to the SA contemporary music industry. Personally, I have postponed my resignation to help the industry during these crazy times.

IMPORTANTLY, we have placed all the COVID-19 resources you need in one place.  Go to our RESOURCES PAGE for all the latest news.

When people who have been forcible separated are allowed to reunite, we believe they will be yearning for live music and will have an added appreciation of the sense of community that music festivals and other gatherings provide.  Until that time please stay safe, reach out to and for support, and enjoy your time at home.

Now here’s what we are doing so far, and please send us your ideas and thoughts for any other ways in which we can help.

? Promoting to South Australians the way in which audiences can support local musicians.

? Providing free telephone consultations for musicians and industry practitioners on a range of professional development topics or COVID-19 questions. These can be booked on the Music SA website homepage.

? Rescheduling Umbrella Festival to 18th September to 4th October and offering FREE REGISTRATIONS.

? Organising a “Band Take-Over” of the Music SA Instagram Account to allow live streams recorded from a variety of recording studios/venues. More news to follow.

? Converting our gig guide to a live streaming gig guide. More news to follow on our gig guide.

? Regularly updating our COVID-19 RESOURCES PAGE with tips, information, factsheets, help and advice.

? Adding new releases to our Support Your Local Spotify Playlist. Send your latest Spotify single to

? Adding new music videos to our YouTube Video Playlist. Send you latest music video to

? Talking to the media to about important COVID-19 strategies ? see here!

? Organising a VENUES ROUNDTABLE to see when and how our live music venues can reopen and get support to them in the meantime

? Advocating for government relief for musicians and venues. Music SA is part of the National Music Taskforce and also the Creative Industries Roundtable, which has met with the Premier.

? Disseminating important news quickly via our social channels.

? Talking to the Music Development Office and the UNESCO City of Music Office about quick and easy grants for musicians.

? Converting our next workshop to a live streaming setting. More news to follow.

? And on a brighter note we are already in discussions with various government departments and industry about recovery plans.  We are working to ensure that there is a planned approach and there isn’t massive overlaps of festivals and events and competition for the audience dollar.

? We are now offering our CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) online and will return to class room teaching at a later date.  Thanks to our trainers and students for being flexible and adaptable.

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