Choosing Sides are a young, energetic Indie Rock from Adelaide, South Australia. The group consists of brothers Frankie and Will, cousin Michael and their mate Lawson. After forming through an insane amount of high school lunchtime practices, the band found their love for songwriting through listening to bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Oasis. Today Choosing Sides are producing their own fresh original tunes, which they aim to put on your playlists. Since formation in 2016, the band has grown a deep seeded passion for performing and continue to develop their sound. Whilst each Choosing Sides show features a list of fan favourites, the quartet still strives to make each night perfectly unique.

Lead singer Will’s catchy vocal melodies compliment the untamed energy of bassist Lawson and drummer Frankie. Since joining in 2019, lead guitarist Michael has added another level of JUICE to the band’s sound through tasty licks and harmonies. CS shows are another level of fun which can only be experienced by coming along!

After the successful release of single “Titus Oates” which surpassed 75,000 streams worldwide, the band released their second EP entitled “Westgate Run”. Based on an infamous and allegedly impossible pub crawl in the UK; the album explores the volatile nature of what feels like a never ending night out.

Following the release of their second project “Westgate Run” in Early 2019, the band are now back into writing mode with the aim to produce more music with even higher quality and higher replay value than ever before!

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