Pumpometer will take you on an epic journey that will make you laugh, cry and dance like nobody’s watching. With a blend of funk, rock and pop this nonstop action band will have your ears begging you for more of their tasty tunes. Dan Wiggins, provides drum solos so tasty they won MasterChef 3 years in a row. Joel “Cookie” Cooke, provides vocals and guitar lines so hot they won the last rose on the Bachelor. Cameron O’Riley provides base lines so fat they are on this year’s season of the Biggest Loser. This trio have joined their musical expertise, creative talents and incredible good looks to create PUMPOMETER! Playing together for over 8 years now the sheer force of their lyrical genius and musical prowess creates an atmosphere which lasts long after they leave the stage. A band guaranteed not to disappoint…

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Website: www.facebook.com/pumpometer
Email: cameron.oriley@live.com