Two Moon Sounds basic package:

Produce and Record demo and showreel. Promotion of demo and show reel to venues. Album production and recording. Promotion of Album. Support and Motivation.

Hi, I’m Joshua Crowther ( Band Manager, Composer and Sound Engineer with Diploma of Music Industry at SAE ). I am here to take care of all of the business side of the band so that the players can do what they do best: PLAY! I am 39, played all the Adelaide circuit in my 27 years as a musician – I know what its like to be in a band. If you want to supplement your income with band money and proceed even further from there … Two Moon Sounds understands.

Lets discuss further if interested … 0449 080 350, crowther3name@yahoo, , @Joshua Crowther

All the best, from Joshua.

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Website: Linkedin @Joshua Crowther