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Music SA wants to introduce you to the music industry in South Australia and nationwide. Below are some organisations, associations, companies and contacts to get you started. You can also download some very handy resources with helpful tips and tricks.

amin organisations

AMIN, the Australian Music Industry Network, is dedicated to providing a national voice for Australian contemporary music. It supports the business objectives of its member organisations (QMusic, Music Victoria, MusicNSW, MusicNT, Music SA, WAM, Music Tasmania, Music ACT) and acts as the voice for member organisations on national issues and the development of national policy.

amin legal pack

AMIN’s Music Industry Legal Pack is a valuable free resource created to help Australian artists navigate the legal complexities of the music industry.

Comprised of a series of fact sheets and checklists, you’ll find information on contracts, band agreements, tax, business registration and more.

It was developed in consultation with industry and with assistance from entertainment law firm Simpsons and financial services company Moneypenny, although it is not a substitute for professional legal advice.

Download all fact sheets at once in a AMIN Legal Pack zip file.

You can also select from the options below (pdfs).

live music office resources

The Live Music Office works to increase opportunities for live music in Australia. Our scope includes planning, licensing and regulatory policies, as well as cultural, audience and market development strategies.  The goals of the Live Music Office are to support the growth of the venue-based live music sector in Australia and they aim to provide:

  • Regulatory and policy guidance.
  • Best practice references and templates.
  • Methodologies for engagement and to progress reform.
  • Position papers and summaries of policy areas.
  • Dissemination of information related to the music sector.
  • Support for local stakeholders engaged in policy reforms and sector development.
  • Research direction, strategy and coordination.
  • Tools and initiatives related to sector mapping.

Live Music Resources
Whether you’re presenting live music or want to perform it, building a plan and knowing the process involved is essential to success. Here the Live Music Office have put together resources and advice to suit music in all types of venues. The advice and templates here are broad guides. As with any legal document or agreement, make sure you read and understand each document fully. If you’re not sure, contact the Live Music Office or seek specialised legal advice.

Performance Agreement Guarantee

Performance Agreement Door Deal

Performance Agreement Versus Deal

Artist Performance Contract

Venue Worksheet Guarantee

Venue Worksheet Door Deal

Venue Worksheet Versus Deal

Venue Event Budget

Venue Event Operations Manual

Venue Incident Report Form

Venue Incident Report Form

Venue Property Damage Form

Stage Plot & Input List

Venue Settlement Sheet Simple

Venue Event Sponsor Agreement

Artist Tour Budget Simple

Artist Tour Budget Complex

Venue Sample Media Release Template

Venue Photos Ideas Template

Venue Photo Opportunities

music matters resources

Music Matters is a collective of people across the music community, including artists, songwriters, labels, managers, publishers and music stores, who have come together to spread the message the music has value and significance. Starting in the UK in 2010, it is supported widely in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more on the official website. Below you’ll find 3 of their latest fact sheets: Filmmakers Guide – directed toward filmmakers looking to include music in their film; Sampling Guide – helpful if you are a musician or DJ looking to sample music; Musicians Guide – an essential start for musicians looking to protect their music.

filmmaker guide

sampling guide

musicians guide

music sa resources

resources for artists

Music SA has created its own series of handy resources for artists, available free of charge. Watch this space for a growing list of ‘How To’ documents that will help you with booking gigs, approaching the media, and more. Do you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see here? Get in touch.

resources for venues

Music SA has created its own series of handy resources for venues, available free of charge. Do you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see here? Get in touch.

Venue Fact Sheet 1

Venue Fact Sheet 2

Venue Fact Sheet 3

Venue Fact Sheet 4

Venue Fact Sheet 5

resources for local councils

Music SA has developed a comprehensive guide for local councils looking to incorporate live music into their communities.