In the lead up to our 2023 courses, MusicSA will be highlighting some incredible local talent who also happen to be alumni of our VET and short courses!

“Maker of Nice Times”, a title aptly suited for Adelaide creative Sharni Honor, studied the Certificate lV in Music Business with Music SA. Sharni founded multi-award winning travelling backyard music festival The Porch Sessions featuring gorgeous live music in beautiful intimate spaces, as well as it’s much bigger sibling Porchland. Sharni currently owns and operates Summertown Studio, a creative workshop/cafe/warehouse/venue/(and more), which features her work with Porch Records, also a multitude of musical services including live shows, a label, record store, and more!

What course did you study with Music SA and what was the highlight of this experience?
Cert IV in Music Business, and I must say the highlight was getting to study beneath the guidance of the incredible Nev De Boar. He was a shining light, and absolutely responsible for granting creative freedom, encouraging big ideas and a safe space to share them in. I feel very lucky to be a part of his teachings.

Since starting your career in the music industry, what has been your most proud achievement?
Man, I think running Porchland Festival in 2019, alongside my dear friend, Sian Walden. It was one of the biggest, hardest, riskiest things we have ever done, but it was bloody incredible. So many great artists and an incredible community, 2000 people grooving at The Range out of Willunga, 5 years of working on that concept amount to that single day, couldn’t be more proud to share that with Sian and our hard working crew.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey in the music industry?
Be kind, work hard, stay humble.

What do you love most about the Adelaide/South Australian music scene?
The community. It honestly feels like family. There are so many incredible humans in this scene that have your back, that will come to your shows, loan you a keyboard, share your gig poster, and give you a hug. That is true community.

Tell us about your latest project.
We’re just about to announce something incredibly exciting with Porch Records. A show, an artist that we just completely adore. Some exciting things in the works for sure!