In honour of our 2023 courses, we love highlighting the incredible local talent who also happen to be alumni of our VET and short courses!

Cahli Blakers and Tahlia Borg studied the Certificate lll in Music Songwriting and Performance, giving them a boost in their career when they formed their band Teenage Joans in 2018. In 2020, they released single, “Three Leaf Clover“, which took out Triple J’s 2020 Unearthed High competition. Their debut EP “Taste Of Me” was released in 2021, for which they toured in 2022 selling out multiple shows across Australia. The duo have won a stack of awards including a record 7 awards at the 2021 South Australian Music Awards. These two powerhouses aren’t slowing down any time soon either, they just played SXSW just earlier this month and are now jetting off on a national tour with British rock sensation Pale Waves.

What course did you study with Music SA and what was the highlight of this experience?
Cahli: I studied the CERT III in Music Songrwriting and Performance in 2017. One of the main highlights of this experience was meeting heaps of likeminded people, I made so many friends in the course who I still see often, especially at gigs or working in the local music scene.

Tahlia: I studied the cert lll in music song writing and performance. One of my highlights from this course would be having the opportunity to meet with a group of like minded people each week. Its hard to find that in school from either peers or teachers that why I’m grateful for my time at music sa because not only did I meet a whole bunch of new people I got to share my love for music with but I was also able to chat to my course teacher, Dale Taylor, about the ins and outs of the music industry.

Since starting your career in the music industry, what has been your most proud achievement?
Cahli: My proudest achievement would probably be my band Teenage Joans’ first ever headline tour in 2022. It was such an amazing tour, we got to finally see the unfiltered version of the incredibly lovely and respectful crowd we’ve drawn over the years.

Tahlia: Since starting my music career, my proudest moment would be selling out multiple shows on the Teenage Joans headline tour. Each night we were blessed with all of the wonderful people that came out and supported us by either buying merch or singing our lyrics back to us.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey in the music industry?
Cahli: My advice is to do what makes you happy! The most authentic version of you will shine through whatever you do as long as you’re doing it for you and no one else. Also that way you’re never disappointed when things don’t go to plan – as long as the work you put in was something you wanted to do for yourself.

Tahlia: My advice for someone starting their own musical journey would be to keep doing what you love the most and surround yourself with a great community of people whether that be your band or your friends and family. Doing what you love is important in music because your music is not only your creative expression but it reflects you as a person.

What do you love most about the Adelaide/South Australian music scene?
Cahli: The people who come to our shows are SO incredibly lovely and respectful. There are so many super awesome people who love and support us in everything we do, whether it’s buying merch/vinyls or just going really hard for us online!

Tahlia: One thing i love about the adelaide music scene is the supportive community the artists create. Everyone is always showing their support to each other by going to different local shows, buying other bands merch and wearing it on stage, and even creating local playlists and playing them at work. Adelaide is the place to be!

Tell us about your latest project.
Cahli: At the moment we’re recording our debut album which we’re set to release with Domestic La La in 2023. It’s been such an amazing process and it’s shaping up to be everything we could have dreamed of. We can’t wait to show everyone, we’re so excited!

Tahlia: We are currently in the process of recording our first ever album which I’m super super stoked about. Its been such an awesome experience so far and I’m so excited for it to be out in the world. We also have some incredible shows this year so I’m super excited to be touring again.