Jase Ess

For electronic music producer and singer Jase Ess, music is emotion. You can hear heartfelt empathy weaved inside his music, surrounding the listener with an authentic sense of beauty which uplifts the soul.

‘I take moments in life and comment on those moments, which can end up being an entire story unto their own’, he says. ‘These are moments of reflection told through combined mathematics and sound.’
During Covid, Jase focused his energy into writing, recording, producing and mixing several different projects. This culminated in an album of 14 classical crossover x hiphop compositions, a 6 track EDM EP of deep house tracks paying homage to his early days of DJ’ing at FreshFM, and a collaboration of indie pop called ‘Two Tone Heart’ who’s first single ‘Victory’ is released on 22nd November 2022.
In 2022, Jase is kicking off all this hard work with the solo release of ‘Blurry’ – a soulful pop ballad with gritty beats blended with orchestral elements, and melodic vocals.

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