Mums Favourite

Mums Favourite, a five-piece band that have been described as the noise child of Led Zepplin and Jeff Buckley with a tinge of Amy Winehouse.
The honey-dripping vocals, wailing guitars and thunderous rhythm section create a meticulous blend of sounds you can feel to your core.
Mums Favourite have played together since 2017. They opened for the Grogans at Pondshow 2021, supported Wanderers, Teenage Joans, Sons of Zoku, will open for Skegss at the Beer and BBQ Fest in July 2022, supporting the Vacations in July 2022, playing Music SAs Scouted 2022 August 5, nominated for Best Single in the 2021 UK Radio Wigwam Awards, are reaching milestones of 10.9k listeners on Spotify in 2021. The band continues to gain momentum in the local scene around Adelaide, selling out shows and carving their way into the music industry with well written songs, relatable lyrics and rhythms that swirl and change.

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