The Prophets of Impending Doom

The Prophets of Impending Doom are a serious band, possibly the most serious band in Adelaide. Possibly the most serious band in SA. Maybe even the entire country, or southern hemisphere! We cover relatable-but-serious topics in our music, like genetically mutated pigs destroying the world, road rage, needing to pee, how shit everyone’s grammar is, and stationery-related innuendo.

Consisting of nine members (nine is a number) we are one of Adelaide’s larger bands and also one of Adelaide’s most incoherent, unorganised and insufferable bands. We view these qualities as virtues to be upheld for the entirety of the time we are a band.

We have released two EPs, The Suppering and A Baby Ate My Dingo, and one demo, with the inventive title DEMO! as of the present time. You can download all of our tracks at various-but-always-reasonable prices (some are free!) on our bandcamp page.

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