Ticklish Allsorts

Began performing in Adelaide in July 2000. Their family friendly show is a lively combination of song, dance and interactive fun which encourages children to have fun through singing and dancing.

With a diversity of styles their original songs travel from country to rock, Latin to Celtic, reggae to jazz adding dynamics and surprise to their show. This both opens children’s ears to all sorts of music and avoids irritating adults with homogenised sounds.

Each song is carefully choreographed with easy-to-copy moves designed for children to join in and dance if they want. Harmony singing is also a feature of the group. Two CD’s available for download on iTunes and CDBaby.

TICKLISH ALLSORTS has a cheeky, cheerful appeal with colourful characters, including Radish, Australia’s most popular line-dancing pantomime horse; Ali Gator the croc who loves to rock; Bruce and Bluey a pair of Aussie rapping dogs; Alistair Bear a Scottish teddy bear; and, the coolest dudes on the block, the Banana Brothers.