Each hailing from different parts of the world, Daye Jung, Lucie Vano, Wallis Prophet and Ella Moeck make up Adelaide-based band W.M.N.

Punters can expect harmonies, strings, poignant lyrics and poetry, as well as serious funk. Daye draws on her love of 90’s RnB to float through each song, Lucie pulls at heartstrings through rhythm and melody, Wallis with her poetry and bass lines, and Ella’s harmonies and strings.

This collection, despite the multiple differences, comes together with ease. Which, ironically, is what the group is all about.

Pronounced woman, the name also stands for ‘we model normality’. With the four members existing proudly within the LGBTQI+ community, they challenge and question sexuality and gender roles, and allow room for others to do the same freely.

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