Endless Grooves

Endless Grooves is an independent Adelaide-based music promotion agency and events collective dedicated to showcasing quality soulful, underground music.

Born out of a response to our hometown’s burgeoning cultural movement, a desire to share under-appreciated music and a passion for bringing people together, Endless Grooves has helped to develop a community of open-minded individuals to connect and express themselves through a mutual love of music.

Offering talent booking, music programming, event production and a range of creative consulting services, Endless Grooves has become a pillar of the Adelaide music scene.

With experience producing a range of events, regular club nights and residencies curating quality local and world-class touring acts, Endless Grooves consistently creates opportunities for artists to perform in spaces across Adelaide.

We are constantly striving to evolve the scale and scope of what we do to create memorable party experiences, with plenty more to come.