Wizard Tone Studios – Recording Studio Adelaide, SA


Wizard Tone Studios is a recording studio in Adelaide, SA. A fully featured modern digital studio, it is housed in a distinctive retro space, primarily catering for independent artists of all genres in Adelaide (and Australia). It is owned and run by 3 Adelaide musicians and located in the Hendon Studios complex, in a beautiful old film scoring stage. Tracking takes place in the theater, with mixing and mastering upstairs in the projection room.

We do a few things a little bit differently to other studios. Partly for artistic and aesthetic reasons, partly to keep costs down for artists (check out our rates page!). You won’t find a big old console or a Pro Tools rig, but what you will find is a meticulously curated collection of microphones, pre-amps, conversion, monitoring and software, run by an experienced team who are passionate about music production and audio fidelity. Not every piece of gear has an iconic brand-name (though there’s a bit of that too); instead we have put together a collection of the best sounding off-the-shelf, boutique and modified microphones, together with a front end that provides excellent fidelity and plenty of tracking options for projects of all sizes. Check out our gear list for more info.

The space itself is really something – a large and fantastic sounding room with all the vintage mojo you could ask for to get your creativity flowing.


Originally used as a small cinema to mix audio for films, the theater is the heart and soul of the recording studio. It is a large acoustically treated space (15 x 8.5) equipped with drum kits, upright piano, amps, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and a dozen other keyboards. It is a big, luxurious space that feels a bit like a very large lounge room (circa 1966!). Acoustically the space sounds great, with enough treatment to tame anything unruly, but not so much as to feel lifeless and uninspiring. Feedback about the sound of the room from a wide range of musicians is overwhelmingly positive.


As the title suggests, this room housed the projectors for screening films in the theater back in the day. Now it is home to our Control Room, where all tracking, mixing and mastering action takes place. If the theater is the heart and soul of the recording studio, then the control room is the brain! There’s 2 comfy couches for bands to listen back to takes and get stuck into post-production.