Wundenberg’s – Thebarton Recording Studio

Wundenberg’s Thebarton Recording Studios is located 5 minutes from Adelaide’s central business district. The studio is situated in an industrial area that provides privacy, all day parking and no noise or time restrictions. Wundenberg’s is hidden away in the basement of the heritage listed Thebarton Incinerator. This distinctive building was designed by Walter Burley Griffin in the 1930s. Burley Griffin is famous for planning and designing Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The studio is difficult to find, so please contact us for directions if it’s your first time visiting.

The studio uses a hybrid setup, combining the tonal characteristics of analogue equipment with the flexibility and ease of digital recording technology. At the heart of the studio is a vintage Neve V-Series Sidecar. This desk began its life at the BBC before being purchased by Australian musician Billy Thorpe. Thorpe used this desk at his home recording studio. The desk then lived for over a decade at JR Recording Studios, recording many local Adelaide bands as well as famous Australian/ International touring artists, before making its way into Wundenberg’s Recording Studio. This desk sounds truly incredible and adds great character and warmth to all sound which passes through it. For recording, the studio uses a Pro Tools HD system with a Control 24. An extensive plugin list is also available (Sound Toys Bundle, Melodyne, Slate Bundle, Waves Plugins, Drumagog etc).

Wundenberg’s also provides some great preamps (Universal Audio, A-Designs, Neve, Empirical Labs etc.) as well as an mic list full of industry standard equipment (Neumann, AKG, Coles, Sennheiser, Shure and various others). Please see our gear list for a comprehensive overview.

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Wundenberg’s Thebarton Recording Studio provides a unique and comfortable space, allowing artists to perform at their absolute best. The relaxed atmosphere inside (with a great private outdoor area) really helps artists feel at ease and focus on the creative process. Wundenberg’s caters to musicians of all genres/ skill levels (absolute beginners to professionals), film makers and voice over artists.

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