fall or fly


Local 4 piece Imogen Brave have been rocking the Adelaide scene for a few years now, and have just released their second EP ‘Fall or Fly’. On offer is strong, tight and punchy rock, laden with chunky riffs (courtesy of Mick McClounan), and supported by a killer, driving rhythm section (Andy Cienciala on Drums and Jake Brackenridge on Bass). ‘Fall or Fly’ also showcases the immense, powerhouse vocals of Stef Crowley.

This is a solid recording, produced by Mick McClounan at ‘Mick’s Studio’, with drums recorded/engineered by James ‘Jimmy’ Balderstone at Capital Sound Studios. A faultless mix & mastering comes from Adelaide’s Mick Wordley of Mixmasters Studio.  Eye-catching packaging includes a booklet with lyrics, photography by Stef Crowley, and a collage of live shots taken by local legend Spoz.

There is a familiar, underlying “old school” rock feel to this collection of music, yet you’ll also find a modern twist that gives it that unique sound Imogen Brave have developed over the years.  While the recording is consistent in quality of production and performance, take note of the subtle changes in arrangements; the crafted break downs and build ups across all tracks give each their own sound and colour. These individual personalities amongst the songs become clearer after a few listens, and you’ll want to take the time to get know each one.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 12 February 2015