only when

Five piece indie rock outfit It’s a Hoax, released their EP, Only When, in September last year. They have supported Adelaide musical royalty of the likes of Julia Henning with this material and for a good reason. The five guitar lead tracks are thoroughly engaging. Without hesitation you will find yourself immersed in a haze of strong, reverb laden female vocals and a driving rhythm section.

A clear production sound and thoughtful use of effects on the guitars make way for commanding dynamic shifts that quickly draw your attention. The journey that you experience travelling along this EP goes from ecstatic to ethereal with elements of post rock, jazz and funk all used as building blocks for their unique and beautiful indie rock sound.

You can almost see the swaying bodies in the band room of a local pub waiting in anticipation for the explosion of guitars as the lyrics exclaim; “I am not well today, I wont be well tomorrow, but still I try to swallow it down…” on their swirling track ‘Choke.’

Only When utilises great builds in energy to fuel its serious and stimulating moods. There is a solid combination of noise and dissonance with strong melodies and pop sensibilities. It’s a Hoax have produced a very strong release.