After taking Europe by storm in 2015, Adelaide born artist Kirbanu is back down under to release her 2016 album Drifting and to perform at the Fringe. Kirbanu collects stories, weaving them into engaging songs that are brimming with heart and soul – then shares them at over 100 live shows per year throughout Australia and Europe!

In 2015 she teamed up with one of Germany’s top sound engineers and producers, Markus Born, to create Drifting, released on January 1st this year through a successful crowd funding campaign which reached its financial goal within 3 weeks.

Have a listen to the album here:



Kirbanu is an artist with a mission of “making good music and being real.” She explains, “In the face of the mainstream music industry where money often controls what is heard on the radio, and artists are told who they have to be, I believe in the opposite: That honest music, and an authentic connection can create a loyal supporter base and build a sustainable, independent music career.”

“This is why I wish for you to share my music and my story – because I truly want more artists to understand that we can do this!”

Her show, Acoustic Pop Dreams will demonstrate her connection to the audience, and her vibrant and passionate on stage persona. Expect her to be mixing emotions and themes, where skilled guitar and a powerful voice create an engaging performance.

Of her remaining shows at the Fringe, you can find her at the new Mischief and Mayhem Wine Lounge in Glenelg and at the Bibliotheca Bar in the city. She also played a handful on the Popeye as part of the popular Floating Melodies series.

Acoustic Pop Dreams – Kirbanu
Tickets >

Thu 3 March @ 7:30 PM
Bibliotheca Bar

Fri 4 March @ 7:30 PM
Mischief and Mayhem Wine Lounge

Wed 9 March @ 7:30 PM
Bibliotheca Bar

Sun 13 March @ 4:00 PM
Mischief and Mayhem Wine Lounge


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