MusicSA’s 2024 CUA30920 Certificate III in Music (Performance)* starts class on Friday 9 February! In the lead up, we’re placing the spotlight on a MusicSA Courses alumni, Emerauld, with a Q&A. 

Keep reading to find out about Emerauld’s “new era”, their experience as a regional artist and the local Adelaide scene, as well as what they loved about the Cert III in Music (Performance). 

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Emerauld (Emilie Suter) is an 18 year old emerging indie musician with an attention grabbing voice that packs a punch. Since writing and performing from just 14 years old, Emerauld has achieved a lot in just 4 years, including placing top 40 of Australian Idol!  Emerauld has since gained significant attention from triple j, with their 2023 single ‘in the silence’ earning them Spotlight Artist and regular rotation on Unearthed. Additionally, they received a coveted spot in triple j’s Unearthed High Yearbook for 2022 with comparisons of sound to Billie Eilish and Paramore.

Emerauld has impressively supported Sarah McLeod, performed at WOMAD 2023, as well as MusicSA’s 2023 Scouted. The Advertiser has described Emerauld as ‘one of 12 up and coming musos to watch’.

If you want to see what all the Emerauld fuss is about, you can check them out live at IndieFest, Sunday 3 March at UniBar Adelaide, alongside an absolutely ripper lineup: FELIVAND (QLD), Molly Rocket, Sunsick Daisy, The Dainty Morsels, Maisie B, Dandy Buzzkills, and Sturt Avenue. Grab your tix to catch them there, as well as the rest of the incredible local acts (+ awesome interstater!). 


Photo: Hills Media, Emerauld at SCOUTED 2023


What course did you study with Music SA and what was the highlight of this experience?

In 2022 I took the Cert. III in Music (performance) with Dale Taylor!! I’d say the biggest highlight of this experience was probably the big performance at the end of the year! It felt kind of like a full circle moment and everything I had achieved throughout that year had meant something. There were tons of family and friends there and it honestly felt like such a safe space that let us share music and be ourselves.

Since starting your career in the music industry, what has been your most proud achievement?

It would have to be during [2022’s] Triple J’s Unearthed High comp! I received some great feedback and attention for my original song ‘In The Silence’. During this time I was a spotlight artist for a week and was featured in the Unearthed Class of 2022, being dubbed as having the most powerful pipes!!

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey in the music industry?

I would say to listen to the people around you, especially those that care most about you!  Also listen to all the feedback but pick and choose what you take on, being able to listen to others also shows a sense of maturity and more people will want to work with you. More importantly though, just play or sing, whatever it is that you do, just get out there and do it.  Busk, gig, jam with others as much as you can! The more you do, the more confident and better you get.

“I love how the Adelaide music scene is so tight knit. I’m a regional artist and started my music career a fair distance away from some central areas, but I put myself out there and I was soon talking to a bunch of amazing artists from all around Adelaide.”

What do you love most about the Adelaide/South Australian music scene?

I love how the Adelaide music scene is so tight knit. I’m a regional artist and started my music career a fair distance away from some central areas, but I put myself out there and I was soon talking to a bunch of amazing artists from all around Adelaide. Scouted 2023 was actually a very good example of this. A lot of the artists went to support other’s sets after they had performed and I know after I performed I was talking to some many of the bands. It didn’t matter where somebody was at in their career or if somebody had more followers than the other, people just supported each other and that’s what really makes a community.

Tell us about your latest project.

My latest project has been my work on my original song Telescope – it isn’t formally released yet but can be found on my website and the triple j Unearthed website. The song is a different take compared to my other more rocky and upbeat songs. It takes on more electronic elements and even features some video game samples! The song is my most poetic yet and if you want the full experience you lay back with headphones on and just should focus on the lyrics. 

Telescope is just one song that is going to a part of my first EP with all new works. It’s the start of a new Emerauld Era and will feature some different themes and ideas that I haven’t yet shown in my music!!

Last year you performed at MusicSA’s 2023 Scouted showcase. What was your highlight?

Scouted got me so motivated to include more band members on stage, we rehearsed twice a week for four weeks and it was so amazing to have it all come together on stage with an audience.  Keeping up this momentum is now my focus for future shows.


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*CUA30920 Certificate III in Music (Performance) is delivered under a third party arrangement with the COSAMP – RTO Code: 41549.  The AQF certification will be issued by COSAMP.